Design Textiles: Unicorn Pattern

Unicorn Pattern: Textile Kids Print Package

History of this Print:

This pattern has been used on many products in the kids clothing world, and a great sale for our customers. The images are versatile in being used for any special occasion, like a dress for dinner or an Easter Sunday event. This print is also popular as a Unicorn Onesie, Unicorn Pajama and as other sleepwear. For babies, this print has been on bags to diapers, and always brings a smile to your customers.

This Unicorn print is unique to most designs in having a stitched, handmade look to the images. We hope you enjoy this versatile print and please send us your creations! We love to see how talented our customers are! <3 Art Prints, Textile Patterns, Designs for Clothing, Products, and/or Branding. Digital Files are ready for printing and/or digital creative purposes. Previewing images are low grade to avoid stealing. High quality images are available in sold packages.

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